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Though wrinkles are a normal, natural, and unavoidable part of ageing, there are methods of helping reduce their appearance that can be incorporated into your skin care routine. This page will provide tips, including which products and procedures to use and which ingredients are effective in helping reduce the appearance of ageing skin. At Ego we believe that good skin care is your best wrinkle reduction tool and in this section we provide the facts to help get you there.
While we believe in ageing gracefully, wrinkles like other signs of ageing skin are frustrating. Slower production of collagen in your skin and decreased cell-turnover time means that wrinkles appear faster and more often as we age. However, more often than not, a large majority of wrinkles can be caused, or intensified, by UV sun exposure, harmful UV rays can break down collagen fibres leading to wrinkling of skin . Here we provide easy to follow wrinkle reduction tips, and equip you with the knowledge to help minimise the visible signs of ageing. Our content is well researched and well cited, and always accurate, to ensure you have the best information to help you achieve youthful looking skin.
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