5 Spring Skin Tips

5 Spring Skin Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh

Spring signals the start of good things, unfortunately, it can also leave our skin feeling flustered and feeling uncomfortable. But not to worry! We’ve got 5 Spring skin tips to help stay cool this season, so that you can continue to enjoy the flowers blooming, and be outdoors enjoying family barbeques.

Spring Skin Tips #1: The Fridge Isn’t Just For Food

Believe it or not but it’s actually more ideal to keep a few of your skin care products in the fridge, especially during spring and summer! Chilled products apply better onto the skin, and assist with feeling more refreshed in the morning. A cooled eye cream provides both a soothing feeling while de-puffing sleepy eyes. Moisturisers and face masks on the other hand, are treats to be absorbed into the skin!

Spring Skin Tips #2: Sweat Protection

As the weather warms up, some people will be prone to excess perspiration. Not only is this sensation uncomfortable, but can also be a source of stress and embarrassment. If you need to act fast, we recommend QV Naked Anti-Perspirant Deodorant: available as easy-to-carry  aerosol and roll ons. The innovative Biosorb™ crystals inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, leaving you feeling fresh. For the best results, apply to clean dry skin after your shower for 24 hours of stress-free dryness.

Spring Skin Tips #3: Cool Off

After a long day at the beach or running errands in the heat, cooling off is essential for the body. Have a cool bath with a capful of QV Bath Oil, which will help to restore moisture to the skin. Take 5-10 minutes to soak in the cool water before patting skin dry and following up with a moisturiser to ensure skin stays feeling soft and refreshed!

Spring Skin Tips #4: Lotion instead of cream

Layering on a heavy cream might feel luxurious during the winter months, but in spring and summer, your skin may not need as much hydration. Switching to a light moisturising lotion for the warmer months could work better for you with the changing weather. A non-greasy skin lotion will absorb quickly and leave no residue, leaving you free to get on with your day.

Spring Skin Tips #5: After Sun Spray

If your skin is still feeling a little less than cool, try misting a cooling spray over your arms and legs as a light relief from the heat. SunSense After Sun Cooling Spray contains grape seed extract and vitamin C to cool and soothe the skin. For extra impact, keep the spray in the fridge, or in the ice box if you’re enjoying a day out with the family.

With these cool tips on your side you’re sure to stay fresh all spring long

5 Spring Skin Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh


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