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Eczema Skincare: Understanding Eczema and Choosing Skincare

Eczema is very common skin condition in Australia, affecting every two in three people[1]. We asked Ego’s R&D team to talk to us through their approach in creating a formulation when it comes to eczema skincare.

Since 1953 Ego has built a company on strong values, high ethics and scientific research. Maintaining the highest standard in manufacturing means Ego can deliver a great range of Australian-made skincare. Bringing scientific attention to skincare is Ego’s goal. Rest assured knowing that all Ego products are scientifically formulated and tested. From moisturising to combating conditions like eczema, Ego does it all.

Utilising a high calibre of ingredients and standard in manufacturing, Ego creates skin care solutions for people who want to maintain healthy skin for themselves and their families.

What is Ego’s philosophy when it comes to formulating eczema skincare products?

For Ego, every ingredient in every product must serve a purpose. Ego isn’t interested in using trendy ingredients. We want only the best and most ethical method of creating new solutions for things like eczema. Everything we do when creating a product must be backed by science and our R&D team spend significant time, testing and scientific expertise to provide evidence based formulations.

How do you create a new product keeping this in mind?

To formulate a new product, the R&D  team will investigate available literature to see what is new or changed in the skincare field. With the findings they’ve made, the R&D teamcarefully select the actives, moisturisers, preservatives and other ingredient used in the process of making a new product. When the formula is complete, we then go onto trialling and testing on human skin to ensure it achieves optimal results without irritating or sensitising the skin.

What are your key tips for eczema sufferers or parents of eczema sufferers when choosing everyday eczema skincare?

Eczema is a genetic condition, however there are a few ways to manage it. This can ensure that it doesn’t take away from the quality of life. Additionally, some tips that can help to control it include:

  1. Avoid products with soap, fragrance and always try to choose pH balanced products.
  2. Always moisturise, moisturise, moisturise with QV’s Intensive moisturising cream – packaged simply for easy use.
  3. When a flare up does happen, treat it quickly. For a fast recovery period while still making sure the skin is protect, use QV’s Flare Up Cream.
[1] Lewis-Jones S. Dry skin and atopic eczema: an update on the filaggrin story… what does it mean to you?[internet]. Eczema Australasia Association [cited 22 March 2018]; Available from:

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Eczema Skincare: Understanding Eczema and Choosing Skincare


Ego is the specialist in skincare, backed by science. We are an established Australian brand that has led the way in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative skincare products for 60 years. Our mission is to exist for people who want healthy skin.




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