QV Bath Oil Severe Skin Condition

QV Bath Oil and Severe Skin Conditions

Ego Pharmaceuticals and QV Skincare has always taken pride in the positive affects that our products can have for problematic skin and even those with rare and severe skin conditions.

Ego headquarters had some special guests on 22nd of June 2017, with Shahd and her carer Moira Kelly AO from Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation visiting to see where Shahd’s favourite skincare product, QV Bath Oil, comes from. Shahd was born with an incredibly rare condition named Harlequin Ichthyosis, – she is the only child living in Australia with this genetic condition, which affects mainly the skin. Children with Harlequin Itchyosis are born with large plates of thick skin, which are prone to cracking and splitting apart, causing not only discomfort, but these cracks can also lead to infection and even hospitalisation.

Treating severe skin conditions with QV Bath Oil

The condition requires an intensive and meticulous skincare regime every day in order to help keep the skin moisturised and soft to prevent cracks. For Shahd, this regime involves bathing in QV Bath Oil two to three times a day to provide relief. The QV Skincare range was created with sensitive and problematic skin in mind; QV Bath Oil is no different, its low-irritant, pH balanced and soap free formulation is water-dispersible, meaning the oil mixes with the bath water without losing its own properties. A water-dispersible formulation makes it easier to help revive large patches of dry or sensitive skin in the bath. Due to the large amount of surface area Harlequin Ithyosis and other severe skin conditions could cover, a well-formulated bath-oil can help provide moisturisation and hydration quickly and all over the body for relief.

It was amazing for us at Ego to see Shahd happy, smiling and enjoying life and supported by Moira’s love and phenomenal charity. To read a little more about Shahd and Moira’s visit and work, click here.

QV Bath Oil and Severe Skin Conditions


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