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Best Body Skin Care Products for Office Workers

Posted on : 16.11.2017

Working in an office day-in day-out can wreak havoc on the state of your skin. With the air conditioning unit blasting either too hot or too cold, the skin’s ability to retain moisture can change, which may lead to dull and dehydrated skin. Many of us already know to protect our face during the workday by applying a hydrating face cream or mist. However what we often forget is that the rest of our body also needs a moisture top-up. Think beyond the face by adding these hydrating body skin care products to your desk-side arsenal.

Our Favourite Body Skin Care Products:

Hand cream

Liberally applying a hand cream throughout the day should occur as frequently as a trip to the work tea room! Like our faces, the hands are an area that are almost always exposed to the elements, which means they require plenty of moisturise moisture to help prevent dehydration. It’s a good idea to use a hand cream that contains sunscreen to prevent help protect against any incidental sun damage, particularly if your desk is situated next to a window.

We recommendQV Hand Cream with SPF 15

Lip Balm

Whether you’re talking on the phone, giving a presentation or participating in a meeting, your mouth certainly gets a workout at the office! To keep your pout smooth and nourished throughout the work day, a hydrating lip balm is an office essential. Choose one that’s easy to apply even without a mirror (sometimes there just isn’t time to dash to the bathrooms!) and use it as often as required.

We recommendQV Face Lip Balm SPF 30

Body Moisturiser

With the warmer months finally here, your work wardrobe is likely to feature shorter hemlines and sleeveless pieces. Hooray! However this also means the air conditioner is likely to be running at full tilt, meaning your arms and legs may benefit from a layer of moisturiser to help prevent dehydration. A fragrance-free formula is a considerate option for when you’re doing a sneaky application at your desk.

We recommendQV Intensive Body Moisturiser

Heel Balm

High heels are often a work wardrobe staple, but you probably haven’t given much thought to your poor feet jammed inside them! The restrictive nature of your shoes means your feet and especially your heels are prone to becoming dry and even flaky. If you want to give your heels a little moisture love, do it at the end of the work day when you’re changing from your work shoes into your walking shoes.

We recommendQV Feet Heel Balm


Many office workers like to make the most of their lunch break by going for a stroll, doing an outdoor workout or simply sitting in the park. If that sounds like you, then you would be encouraged to apply a layer of sunscreen before you go outside. To help prevent sun damage, simply smooth on an SPF50+ sunscreen to any exposed areas before heading out into the sunshine. That includes neck, hands, and arms as well, not just your face.

We recommendSunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+

Armed with these body skin care products, you’ll never walk out of the office feeling dried-out again.

Always read the label, use only as directed

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