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Clear Skin in 4 Quick Steps

Posted on : 16.08.2017

We go to great lengths to keep our skin clean and healthy, we cleanse our faces twice a day and wash our hands constantly, but there are a few sneaky ways that you could accidentally be undoing all your hard work and introducing bacteria to your skin. Here are a few tips things you could to maintain clear skin.

1. Clean your make-up brushes

How much thought do you put into your morning routine? Probably none, that’s why it’s a routine, you don’t need to think about it. You drink your coffee, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, put on your makeup of choice and you’re ready to face the day. Unfortunately your brushes could be harbouring some nasty germs, which are transferred to your face with every stroke of the brush. Dust and grime can accumulate on the bristles of your favourite brushes, which can lead to skin reactions and in extreme cases infections. Yikes. You’re thinking twice about your morning routine now aren’t you? Not to fear though, a regular cleansing of your brush with a brush cleanser, or even a gentle shampoo will keep your skin clear and your brushes clean and happy.

2. Clean your phone and sanitise hands

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Repeat. That’s how it goes right? Between social media, texts and a quick Google with your colleagues to settle an office debate, we’re always touching our favourite devices. Bacteria from the outside world are constantly coming into contact with your phone. You put it down on public tables, you use it on the train, and many of us are guilty of bringing phones into the bathroom with us. Many of us subconsciously touch our faces throughout the day and we can be unknowingly transferring grime right from our phones to our faces, not to mention taking phone calls which has us pressing our faces directly up to the glass, unknowingly endangering our clear skin. It’s helpful to get into the habit of regularly sanitising your hands with a gentle hand sanitiser such as Aqium Ultra Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser which contains moisturising ingredients to help maintain moisture, and wiping down your device with a suitable cleansing wipe daily.

3. Wipe down your mouse and keyboard

We’re starting to see a pattern here; almost anything you touch regularly will often start to build up germs. As much as we would like to spend every day on a yacht off the coast of Europe, unfortunately most of us are sat at desks Monday through Friday. As we spend most of our day in contact with our computers and mouse they too will need a regular wipe down. It’s also a good idea to keep a bottle of Aqium handy at your desk so you can sanitise your hands as needed.

4. Make sure your kids’ hands are also clean

If you’re a parent to young children you’ll know how much they love to show their affection. Hugs and kisses are great, but having little hands all over your face can sometimes upset sensitive skin. Keep both parents and kids happy by encouraging your little ones to wash their hands with QV Kids Wash. QV Kids Wash contains dissolving coloured beads to make hand washing fun. Now you can play tea-party to your heart’s content!

Evidently there are many ways we can accidentally undo all the hard work we put into our skincare routine, but the easiest ways to avoid this and maintain clear skin are to: wash hands frequently with a gentle cleanser, sanitise hands when necessary, and most importantly, avoid touching your face throughout the day.

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