Adam Martin asked

Are your products Halal Certified?

Posted on : 03.10.2018

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012369 asked

I have eczema on my face (eye area, eye socket and lid are) and on my chin area too. Are there any products to recommend? I use QV cream as moisturiser too, can i put it near eye area?

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012369 asked

I’m a 63 year old woman. I have always looked after my skin. In the past year I have developed mild rosacea, dry and sensitive skin. This seem to develop after trying prescribed retain A and hydroquinone for 6 months for pigmentation. I could only use twice a week as it caused too much redness. What products would you recommend? Lyn

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Helen Wright asked

I have recently had an actinic keratosis removed and am now desperately want to get my skin protection right…any advice please?

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