Karen asked

What kind of ichthyosis do I have?

Posted on : 10.02.2017

Just wondering if anyone on here has any of the Ichthyosis variants. I think after 42 years of suffering I have finally found what I have Ichthyosis vulgaris. Although quite mild I have all the symptoms, very linear hands feet, very flaky scalp, flaky scaly skin. I have to apply sorbolene every day morning and night. I have to exfoliate everywhere a lot. My mum was told when I was a newborn that I was dehydrated. Of course I have remained dehydrated for 42 years! It was worse as a child living in the uk. And I got teased and told I had old lady hands which I have. It improves lots during the summer and living here in Australia.My skin always looks grey because of the white flakes. I never wear black.
Anyway just wondering if anyone can relate? I finally decided to get a referral to a dermatologist just to see if my self diagnosis is correct. The dr wanted to give me steroids for dermatitis but my skin looks nothing like dermatitis.

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