Hand Cream Comparison: Moisturising, Sun Protective and Brightening

Posted on : 05.05.2017 Updated on : 11.5.2018
Hand Cream Comparison

Hold out your hands and consider this question; how many times within the space of just one day do you use your hands? It’s almost immeasurable! From cooking a meal to lifting heavy objects or simply holding a takeaway cup, every day we rely on our hands to perform an incredible amount of work. Yet all throughout these daily tasks, our hands are susceptible to external and internal aggressors, which can manifest in the form of skin conditions like dryness, cracking and uneven skin tone. That’s why incorporating a daily hand cream into your beauty regimen can make a difference, offering the hands moisture, skin barrier protection and textural improvement. Let’s take a closer look at three different hand creams to see what they can do for your mitts…

QV Hand Cream

Designed to…nourish and moisturise hands

The primary benefit of any hand cream comes down to one word: moisture. Our hands are constantly dehydrated as a result of everything from washing your hands to exposure to the elements. Therefore the main purpose of any hand cream is to replenish this lost moisture and nourish the hands. A basic entry-level product like the QV Hand Cream is equipped to get the job done. Massaging on this product from the fingertips through to the wrists delivers a hit of moisture to the hands and leaves them feeling soft and smooth to the touch. An application of this formula helps replenish lost moisture while the pH balanced formula assists with maintaining the skin’s natural protective barrier.

QV Hand Cream with SPF 15*

Designed to…nourish, moisturise and protect hands

Skin aficionados know that signs of premature ageing like sunspots, lines and pigmentation often occur as a result of exposure to harmful UV sun rays. And like our faces, our hands are one of the areas of the body that are frequently left uncovered when we’re outdoors. So if you wouldn’t dream of going outside without a layer of sunscreen on your face, then this same principle should apply to your hands. The QV Hand Cream with SPF15 is a multi-tasking product for your mitts. Just like the basic QV Hand Cream, the fragrance and colour free formula provides the hands with moisture, while the inclusion of SPF15 broad spectrum offers the added benefit of sun protection.

Elucent Whitening Hand Cream

Designed to…even skin tone, moisturise and protect hands

Our hands are often one of the first places where ageing signs like dark spots and pigmentation become visible. These signs of ageing occur as a result of factors such as the slowing of the skin cell turnover process, exposure to the elements including sun rays, or just due to the toll of daily physical tasks. The Elucent Whitening Hand Cream is a brightening formula that contains powerful antioxidants to help reduce the appearance of visible damage and address uneven skin tone. As with the previously mentioned hand creams, this one also provides much-needed moisture to the hands. This nourishing ability in tandem with the inclusion of brightening focused ingredients aims to leave the hands smoother and therefore more youthful looking.

And a side note about hand sanitising….

While we’re on the subject of hands, the only thing more important than keeping your hands nourished is ensuring that they’re clean of germs, dirt and grime. Aside from washing your hands, a great way to keep your paws clean – particularly when you’re on the run – is to use an antibacterial hand sanitiser. A product like the Aquim Ultra Hydrating Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is a convenient way to hygienically clean the hands without the need for water. This particular product stands out because it’s enriched with moisturisers, meaning it leaves the hands both clean and hydrated.

Always read the label, use only as directed.

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