Skin Care Essentials for Long-Haul Flights and Travel

Posted on : 02.07.2017

Holidays are often the highlight of most people’s year. Months of meticulous planning go into each holiday, and you return with memories to lasts a lifetime. There’s just one drawback, the dreaded long haul flight. Unless you’re lucky enough to be up the pointy end of the plane, flying out to your dream destination is anything but glamorous; the seats are cramped, the food is less than stellar, and your seat is being pummelled by the kid whose parents zoned out long ago. But these 8+ hour-long journeys don’t all have to be bad. They present a perfect opportunity to catch up on some “me-time”. We’ve complied a few on-board, long haul flight essentials for your skin care that will turn your assigned seat into a mini spa.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is a corner-stone to our long haul flight essentials pack. Whether traveling to exotic destinations, or just taking a train to work, hand sanitiser is a must have. Germs can accumulate on any surfaces that come into contact with lots of hands, so before jumping into this routine be sure to give your hands a good rub with Aqium Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser to help keep them clean before touching your face. Remember to use throughout your travels as well.

Makeup Wipes

The first rule of travel is to take your makeup off at the first opportunity. For the most part, to remove the dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day. But, also partly because there’s nothing less flattering than waking up from the accidental nap you took halfway through your second movie and realising your eyeliner is less of a cat-eye and more of a racoon eye at this stage. QV Face Cleansing Wipes are pH balanced & non-comedogenic with the additional benefit of added Safflower Oil to help replenish moisture levels and Vitamin E, which provides anti-oxidant benefits.

Face Mask

This step is very optional, and only for those brave enough to leave their inhibitions at the cabin door and be open to a few startled (maybe scared) stares from fellow passengers. However, a purifying clay mask can help to draw out impurities and prep your skin for maximum moisture absorbency in the next stages. The QV Face Purifying Mask is formulated with gentle Kaolin clay, which effectively removes oil and dirt, leaving skin smooth and soft to touch. If you time this around meal service it’s a perfect opportunity to use those little hot towels that you’re never quite sure what you’re supposed to be doing with to remove the mask. Otherwise, another makeup wipe or some bottled water on a few paper towels will do the trick. While we wouldn’t consider face masks part of long haul flight essentials per se, it is a fun way to pamper yourself.


Depending on the length of your flight at this stage you might opt for a light day moisturiser or a heavier, nourishing night moisturiser. Planes have notoriously dry air, so a moisturiser is an absolute must to maintain your skin’s healthy balance.

The QV Face Nurturing Night Cream is one of our long haul flight essentials, it helps replenish lost moisture while you sleep and the vitamin B3 complex works to help reduce skin sensitivity.

Alternatively, the QV Face Oil Free Moisturiser is a perfect daytime option. It’s a lightweight, oil free facial moisturiser, specifically formulated to minimise shine and help keep oily and combination skin feeling hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

Eye cream

Those puffy eyes we sometimes get after a flight could be due, in equal parts, to dehydration and lack of sleep. While the lack of sleep can’t always be helped, we can do our best to protect the skin. The skin around the eyes is some of the thinnest on our bodies and therefore needs extra special attention. Use an eye cream that hydrates and helps protect the area from further moisture loss such as the QV Face Revitalising Eye Cream, which visibly reduces dark lines, puffiness and fine lines.

Hand Cream

Your face isn’t the only skin exposed to the drying in-flight air. Make sure to apply a hand cream to keep your skin soft and supple. Depending on whether you’re an aisle or a window kind of person you might opt for one that includes SPF, as UV levels are higher than normal1 once you’re 30,000 feet in the air. The QV Hand Cream with SPF 15 provides instant moisture, nourishing your hands while protecting them from the visible signs of ageing like sunspots, pigmentation and wrinkles.

Heel balm

At this point you’re so far down this on-board beauty rabbit hole you may as-well just go the whole hog. Now is the time to get out your thick socks and heel balm to allow your feet to soak in some moisture for the next 8 hours. A good foot cream will also contain a light AHA to help remove the rough skin.

Water bottle

Before clocking out for the rest of the flight, make sure you have your water bottle filled up and ready to go. It’s easy to forgot to keep your hydration levels up when you haven’t moved in several hours, but drinking lots of water is the key to healthy, glowing skin so be sure to keep on sipping throughout the flight.

Sleep mask

Okay, you’re officially done with your routine. Now is the time to get out your travel pillows, slip on the eye mask and dream about all the exciting things you’re going to do when you arrive. A sleep mask is one of our favourite long haul flight essentials, it helps make that uncomfortable flight just a little more bearable by blocking out pesky stray light.


You might feel a little worse for wear after waking up from your snooze. Sleeping upright isn’t exactly the best way to get your beauty sleep. Now is the time to run through any parts of the long haul flight essentials skin care routine that need repeating which may include a quick wipe down with a make up remover wipe, reapplying your moisturiser, and a quick top up of your deodorant. Using an unscented formula such as QV Naked Antiperspirant Deodorant will be greatly appreciated by your seat-mates.


This step is optional but encouraged. If you’re stepping off the plane and out into a tropical paradise, some SPF will come in very handy. Nothing will put a damper on your fun like starting off your holiday with sunburn. Try the SunSense Anti-Aging Face Matte to avoid that classic sunscreen sheen on the face and SunSense Ultra for maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays on the body. Remember that SPF is imperative for skin protection against damaging UV rays year round, wherever you may be!

This is it. The plane is entering its final descent; you’re bursting at the seams to get out there. And you’re the most moisturised person within 30 feet. Go enjoy that well deserved break and enjoy your holiday!

Always read the label and use only as directed
1. Ultraviolet radiation and health [Internet]. World Health Organization. 2016 [cited 2017 Jun 9];Available from:


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