Mum’s Skin Care – A Pregnancy Skin Care Guide

Posted on : 24.08.2017

Pregnancy is a time of incredible change for the body – and that goes beyond just an expanding baby bump! During pregnancy, surging hormones can affect the state of your skin. Then after the baby’s birth, sleepless nights and stress mean your complexion may once again take a hit! This means that you should develop a pregnancy skin care regimen that works for you. Here’s some tips for evolving your skin care routine during pregnancy and after your baby’s birth.

Mum-to-be Skin Care

You may have heard about the ‘pregnancy glow’. For some lucky women, the hormonal changes during pregnancy leave them with a healthy and vibrant complexion. But for many other women, pregnancy is a time when certain skin concerns make an unwelcome appearance. (As if being pregnant isn’t hard enough!)

The Basics

All expectant mothers should keep up with using a cleanser and moisturiser to help the skin to stay clean and nourished. It’s a good idea to keep things simple during pregnancy, so try non-comodegenic and fragrance free formulas.

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Zit Zappers

It’s not just teenagers that experience hormonal breakouts! The surge of hormones during pregnancy can result in pimples, particularly around the jawline. You might like to address these by substituting a spot-fighting lotion into your skin care routine. Always chat to your doctor first about whether these topical products are suitable for your pregnancy.

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Sun Protection

We all know by now that we should layer on a facial sunscreen everyday – and it’s even more crucial during pregnancy. Dark pigmented patches colloquially known as ‘pregnancy mask’ can occur during pregnancy.

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Itches and Stretches

Skin changes during pregnancy can go beyond the face. Itchy body rashes are common and while mostly harmless, they’re highly irritating. Have any rash checked out by a doctor who may recommend a soothing skin cream. Stretch marks are also often associated with pregnancy. While the jury is out on whether it’s possible to prevent stretch marks, you might like to use a body moisturiser so that the skin is nourished and soft.

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New Mum Skincare

Between the cuteness of newborn snuggles and the madness of odd-hour feedings, looking after your skin has most likely fallen way down the priority list! But because broken sleep, stress and hormones can quickly take a toll, you’ll need to find time effective ways to keep your skin care regimen up and running. Here are some tips for post pregnancy skin care that will help get your skin back on track.

Double-Up Cleanse

For some new mums, post pregnancy hormones result in breakouts while others find their skin becomes dry and flaky. But here’s the thing: when you’re caring for a newborn, finding time to wash your face is tricky! Try placing a set of skin cleansing products at arm’s reach in the shower and another next to the basin – seeing them there will remind you to use them.

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Tired Skin

Nights of interrupted sleep along with stress are almost inevitable with a newborn. For your skin, this can manifest as dullness, particularly around the eyes. Your best defence? Moisturiser. Nourished skin won’t make you feel any less tired, but it can help counteract dullness. Also drink plenty of water and do your best to catch some Zzzzs whenever you can.

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Pigmentation Fade

The ‘pregnancy mask’ is a post pregnancy skin phenomenon that happens for some women. This pigmentation should fade after you’ve given birth – and to help it along you may want to switch to a brightening skin care range. These products aim to even out skin tone, for more radiant looking skin. (What new mum doesn’t need that?!)

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Body Love

A body moisturiser can encourage the skin’s hydration levels as it deals with post pregnancy skin issues like dryness, flakiness and stretch marks. Again, the hard part is actually finding a spare moment to apply it. Stash multiple body moisturisers around the house so that you can use any precious free seconds to slather up before you get back to mum duties!

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*Always read the label, use only as directed.

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