Pamper Day Ideas For Mums

Posted on : 21.02.2018

While mothers are practically hard-wired to put their kids’ enjoyment above their own, what they also need to remember is the importance of prioritising self-love practices. Mums may feel that they need to recharge their batteries and a simple way to do this is by undertaking some beauty pampering. After all, a mother who’s happy, creates a happy and healthy home for the rest of her family. So here are our top Pamper Day ideas that are easy, DIY and low-budget.

Pamper Day Idea #1: DIY Nail spa

Mum’s have a tendency to treat everyone – except themselves! A do-it-yourself manicure and pedicure is a simple and inexpensive way to do something that’s just for you. Choose a pretty polish and gather your nail tools and products, such as the QV Feet Heel Balm and Elucent Even Tone Hand Cream. Dedicate your Pamper Day to carefully and lovingly perform every step of your manicure and pedicure. The act of pampering your hands and feet is just as important as the finished painted nails.

Pamper Day Idea #2: Unwind in the tub

Unfortunately stress often comes with the job of being a mum – and sometimes this can manifest itself physically with tightness and sore muscles, particularly the shoulders and neck. As well as booking in for a professional massage, you may like to try taking a luxurious bath to help ease body tension. Pour two capfuls QV Bath Oil into a warm bath, light a candle, close your eyes and just allow yourself to rest in the tub. An easy way to clear your mind as you soak is to spend an entire minute just focusing on your breathing.

Pamper Day Idea #3: Face refresh

With so many things that need to be done in a day, Mums can find it difficult to follow a consistent skincare regimen. If yours has fallen by the wayside, then it’s time to get things back on track. On busy days, consider paring back your skin care routine to the bare essentials so that way you’re less likely to skip it all together – try something as simple as using the QV Face Gentle Cleanser followed by an QV Face Oil Free Moisturiser. When you have more time at your disposal, make an effort to follow a complete skin care ritual using an exfoliator, mask and eye cream – you may want to try the Elucent Anti-Ageing range to help visibly firm and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Self-Love is Key

And remember, self-love isn’t just about beauty pampering. Here are some other simple self-love practices for Mums to introduce into their everyday life:

  • Don’t skip breakfast – whether it’s a big fry-up or a superfood acai bowl, start your morning by nourishing yourself so that you’re energised and ready to face the day.
  • Plan a ‘Me’ day – Once the kids are back at school, ditch the chores and plan a day outside of the house for yourself where you just do something fun.
  • Doodle and write – Get those creative juices flowing! Whether you’re into journaling or mindful colouring, grab a pen and enjoy this quiet stress reliever.
  • Get active – Exercise has so many health benefits, including releasing those happy-feeling endorphins. Lace up your sneakers and head to an exercise class or just take a walk around the neighbourhood.

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