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Dry Skin in Winter

Posted on : 07.14.2015 Updated on : 09.27.2018
Winter Dry Skin

When the winter months are upon us and the cold winds chap and dry, the key to maintaining healthy skin is hydrating and nourishing the affected areas. Dry skin during winter can be managed with the right care. Glycerin is an ingredient that helps to keep skin nourished in rough weather.

Dry Skin and Glycerin

“Glycerin is a natural part of the skin’s own moisturising system. Studies have shown that the hydration level of our skin is directly related to how much glycerin we have in our skin,” says Dr. Kerryn Greive, PhD. “By adding glycerin to the skin via our skincare regimen, we are able to help it rehydrate, thus treating dry and sensitive skin.”

Topical glycerin is known to be beneficial for dry skin conditions, however, only recently has it been discovered why. Essentially, the epidermis cells contain a passive glycerin transport mechanism in the plasma membranes of the cells, known as AQP3. This mechanism transports water and glycerin in and out of the epidermis. This will help nourish dry skin.

“The skin is naturally protected from drying out and from infection by a low pH layer on the skin called the ‘acid mantle’,” explains Greive. “Soap has a very high pH (level) and can disturb the acid mantle by increasing the skin pH. This can lead to dry skin, while also making eczema and acne worse. By using a soap-free cleanser that has a pH balanced to the skin, we can cleanse the skin while protecting it from drying out or aggravating skin conditions.”

Products for Dry Skin

QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser acts as an all-over body wash for those with dry to very dry skin. The moisturising cleanser features a lightly foaming formulation that leaves a protective moisturising film on the skin. QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser can be used for both the face and the body.

The QV Intensive Moisturising Cleanser is a gentle soap-free cleanser. Enriched with 60 per cent deeply-hydrating glycerin, making it suitable for extremely dry skin.

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