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Help At Hand For Those With Sensitive Skin

Posted on : 04.13.2016 Updated on : 09.27.2018
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What Is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is an increasingly common skin condition for both men and women.2 Approximately 38% of men and 51% of women have self-diagnosed ‘sensitive skin’ and approximately 6% of men and 10% of women describe their skin as ‘very sensitive’. 3 There is no definitive test for sensitive skin, therefore it is a predominantly self diagnosed condition.2

Why Does It Happen?

Sensitive skin is caused by hypersensitivity to a range of stimuli, resulting in symptoms like itching, burning, stinging, tingling, tightness and skin discomfort, usually without any obvious physical signs to the skin.2 People with this type of skin could have an impaired skin barrier making them more susceptible to irritants or they may have a heightened sensitivity to external stimuli.2

According to a survey, approximately 87% of people have experienced an adverse reaction to a cosmetic product.4 The face is the most common site of sensitive skin4, and can be a source of concern for those who suffer from it. It also means that finding products that don’t irritate, but is still effective becomes a challenge for those with skin that is sensitive to many ingredients

What Might Help?

Moisturising ingredients decrease skin water loss and help restore the barrier function2, which is important for sensitive types of skin. Skin moisturisation can benefit dryness, scaling and associated itchiness.2 A cooling or calming moisturiser with the right formulation can help to alleviated some of the discomfort experienced. For example, QV Face Rescue Gel is a light cooling gel designed to help calm uncomfortable or sensitive skin. Formulated with a blend of ingredients such as witch hazel5 and oat kernel extract6 known to help soothe irritation and potentially promote healing.

How can QV Face Rescue Gel help?

In line with other products in the QV Face range, QV Face Rescue Gel is fragrance and lanolin free. QV Face Rescue Gel contains ingredients to help calm and refresh sensitive skin and maintain skin hydration. This facial gel can be used throughout the day, at night, under make-up or after shaving.

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