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Spring Carnival Skin Care Prep

Posted on : 13.10.2017

Some people like to pick their Spring Carnival outfits starting from the shoes and work their way up. We like to do our party skin care prep the same way. If you’re headed to Cup Day in November, or any race of the Spring Carnival and want to look your absolute best, we’ve got you covered with a head-to-toe beauty routine to get you glowing!


Though they’re not the most practical choice for a full day spent in a grassy area, heels are definitely the most popular choice for Cup Day and Spring Carnival festivities, and the strappier the pair, the better. However, this does mean a little bit of preparation is in order. Feet, just like any other part of the body need to be well taken care of, though they are routinely ignored. The skin on your feet and heels need a skin care prep all of their own. You can give your foot prep a kick-start by moisturising them with QV Cream daily after every shower. If your feet are particularly dry or cracked you can take it up a notch by using QV Feet Heel Balm twice daily, morning and night. QV Feet Heel Balm contains moisturisers as well as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), which help to promote the turnover of tough skin and reveal smoother looking feet. Simply massage in a generous amount and pop on some cotton socks and let the balm do the hard work for you. Once your skin returns to normal, use QV Feet Heel Balm 2-3 times a week to maintain that softer looking skin.

Ankles, Knees, and Elbows

Joints such as ankles, knees and elbows are often drier than the surrounding skin. It’s even more important to get the skin prep right for these areas if you plan to get a spray tan. You can help to combat these drier areas of skin with a concentrated moisturiser designed for very dry skin such as QV Intensive Cream. This cream can handle any dry patches you may have, but if you really really want to be sure that you’re nothing less than the softest person on the green you can use QV Intensive Body Moisturiser. It’s best to use QV intensive Body Moisturiser at night after showering or bathing as it’s fairly thick. You can rest assured that its balm-like consistency not only helps to hydrate dry skin, but also helps to lock in moisture.


If your skin is in pretty good condition and is just in need of a little maintenance-level moisturisation then QV Skin Lotion is the product for you. It’s a light, hydrating lotion that helps to maintain healthy looking skin, and is light enough that you can put your clothes on almost immediately after applying. If you’re looking for a little more help in the dry-skin-department then a healthy dose of QV Cream will have you feeling soft and smooth. Whichever option you choose be sure to apply after showering to restore any moisture that may have been stripped by washing and towel drying.

To keep the in-shower moisture loss to a minimum use a gentle soap-free cleanser, free from common irritants such as colour and fragrance. QV Gentle Wash is formulated for sensitive skin, won’t strip your natural oils and is a great way to wash away the day while maintaining moisture levels.

Face, Neck, and Décolletage

We usually think of the skin on our face as the most delicate on our body, and while this is true, what many of us forget is that this extends down to the neck and upper chest area, and as such all three areas should be treated carefully.

Use a cleanser specifically formulated for sensitive areas of the skin such as QV Face Gentle Cleanser. Its creamy formula enriched with safflower seed oil leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy. Follow up with an eye cream and a light facial moisturiser such as QV Face Ultra Calming Moisturiser. Follow the same routine at night-time, replacing the day moisturiser with a heavier night-time formula such as QV Face Nurturing Night cream to help replenish and restore moisture as you sleep.


Hands are constantly exposed to the elements, to harsh public bathroom soaps, and to the sun. Make sure to keep your mitts in good condition by using a gentle soap free wash where possible, such as QV Gentle Wash, and following up with a hand cream after every wash. Try QV Hand Cream with SPF 15 during the Spring Carnival race you’re attending to moisturise and give you hands some protection against the UV rays.

Sun Protection

Hopefully you’ve stuck to your routine for a few weeks now and are starting to see your beautiful skin shining through. On the day of the races or Spring Carnival, make sure that you’re wearing a good quality, high SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen should be worn every day of the year, but on days when you’re outdoors for hours at a time it’s particularly important. For your face you’ll want something light that you can wear under makeup. SunSense Daily Face is an SPF50+ lightly tinted sunscreen with a matte finish perfect for creating a base for your Cup Day makeup.

SunSense Sport is a great choice to help keep the rest of your skin protected. It’s a non-greasy, SPF 50+ formula that dries invisible. It also contains nicotinamide, which helps to maintain the skins barrier function and reduce skin sensitivity.1 There’s nothing worse than coming home from a day of fun only to find you’re as red as a lobster, so make sure to reapply every 4 hours, stay in the shade where possible, and make good use of the fact that hats are encouraged by sporting as wide a brim as you feel comfortable wearing.

You’re primped, prepped and preened, now you’re ready for a fabulous day out at the Spring Carnival. The last thing to do to keep your skin in tip-top condition after the festivities is to make like a horse and hit the hay!

1 Matts PJ, Oblong JE and Bisset DL. A review of the range of effects of niacinamide in human skin. 2002 IFSCC 5(4):285-289.

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