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Spring Skin Prep in 6 Simple Steps

Posted on : 11.10.2017

The change in the weather feels overdue to many of us. As we rush to shake off our winter coats and put the gloves away until next year, we often forget that our skin needs might change with the seasons too. Here are 6 things for fantastic, glow-y spring skin.

1. Use Lighter products

Winter is harsh on our skin and many of us need heavier creams to keep our skin moisturised and looking healthy. In the spring however, the milder conditions mean that it can be a lot easier to keep dry skin at bay. This is a great time to swap out your heavy moisturisers for something lighter like QV Skin Lotion, a soothing, every day moisturiser that absorbs quickly to help provide a nice level of moisture for your skin.

2. Exfoliate

Dead skin cells can build up on your skin, particularly when you’re layering on the products and not washing them off as well as you should (I know we’re all guilty of skimping on this when the bathroom tiles are ice cold!). Use a physical exfoliator such as QV Face Exfoliating Polish to slough off the gunk, or opt for a gentle chemical exfoliator such as Elucent Anti-Ageing Night Cream after cleansing at night.

3. Apply Sunscreen whenever you are out doors

The UV Index starts to increase in the spring and summer, so it’s time to ramp up your sun protection. Choose products with high SPF to protect your delicate skin from the harsh UV rays. A product such as SunSense Daily Face 50+ or SunSense Anti-Ageing face Matte are both lovely solutions to all your spring skin woes. Nobody wants to spend hours layering products on when you could be out enjoying the sunshine (or getting a little extra sleep). Both formulas contain a sheer tint with a matte finish and are rated SPF 50+ to take the place of both a sunscreen and a tinted moisturiser.

4. Use a Foaming Cleanser

If your skin feels oilier in the warmer months, you may want to be even more diligent in removing makeup and daily build up during your night-time routine. Start with a face wipe to remove the top layer of makeup, then follow up with a foaming cleanser to gently cleanse skin while retaining moisture. As always, don’t forget to finish with a moisturiser to keep skin looking healthy and nourished. QV Ultra Calming Moisturiser is our favourite for spring as it contains a soothing oat kernel extract to keep your skin feeling fresh and calm throughout the season.

5. Try a Mask

If you’re still feeling a little greasier than usual, the QV Face Purifying Mask is the answer to your prayers. It’s formulated with gentle kaolin clay to remove excess oil and dirt. The safflower oil replenishes moisture, while the vitamin E provides anti-oxidant benefits. This mask is suitable for daily use and only needs to be applied for 5-10 minutes on a daily or weekly basis as needed.

6. Spring clean

This one isn’t quite a skin tip, but often we forget that skin care products have a use-by date. Take some time to go through your bathroom cupboards and clear out your 5-year-old sunscreen and that tube of moisturiser that you thought you lost back in high school. Products that have passed their use by date may be more than just unpleasant to use, they could be undoing all the hard work you put into your skincare routine. If you’re using sunscreen that is a few years old you could be unknowingly putting yourself at a greater risk of sun damage, as the SPF of an expired product will be lower than the stated value.

So the takeaways for spring skin care are: go lighter on the lotions, keep the oil in check, use SPF daily, and don’t rely on out of date products. Adjusting your routine for the seasons doesn’t need to be a difficult process; a few small changes will have your spring skin ready in no time so that you can truly enjoy the beauty of the warmer seasons.


Always read the label before using any products and use only as directed.

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