How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

Posted on : 15.01.2018

The holiday season has come and gone and we’re settling back into our routines. Most of us set New Years Resolutions for ourselves, some big ones and others minor tweaks to our life. So whether you want to eat more nutritiously, step up your exercise routine or create a regular skin care routine to keep your skin glowing here’s three tips to help you stay on track in 2018.

1. Define your goal.

It’s difficult to stick to a goal that has no clear definition. Make your New Years resolutions clear and make sure you can picture what success looks like.

If your resolution was to create an easy to use skin care routine, write down what steps are involved. It might be as simple as cleansing and moisturising morning and night.

Make sure to allow some wiggle room, especially early on in your new lifestyle changes. If you know that cleansing at night is going to be difficult some days after late nights, keep a packet of cleansing wipes in your side drawer and give your face a once over before falling asleep. Even though the bigger goal is to cleanse more thoroughly every night, rinse well and finish with a nourishing night cream, a cleansing wipe is still a huge step up from crashing out with your makeup on.

2. Tell people about your New Years resolutions.

If it’s to eat better or swap soft drinks and coffee for more water during the day, let your co-workers know that that is what you’re doing. You might just find they start encouraging you or asking you how you’re tracking, which is often just the nudge we need to keep us on the right path. You might even find your co-workers have similar goals and you can encourage each other along the journey.

3. Don’t let a set back stop you.

If you forget to take your makeup off before bed one night, or you over-indulge on cake, don’t worry about it. One or two days won’t throw off all the great progress you’ve made. Allow yourself to have a few off-days, and then get right back into it.

Our Resolution:

Here at Ego our favourite new years resolution for 2018 is to wear SPF every day. It’s just a small daily step that makes a huge difference to our overall skin health.

Let us know your New Years Resolutions in the comments and whether they’re on track so far!

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