Sun Damaged Skin and Post-Holiday Skin Care Tips

Posted on : 22.01.2018

Beach trips, picnics and camping are just a few of the outdoor activities that many of us enjoy over the summer holidays. However all that extra time spent in the great outdoors can give rise to a host of skin, hair, nail and body issues such as sun damaged skin and a lacklustre look in general. Here’s how to tackle some of the common concerns that arise over the summer holidays, during and after your sunny holiday.

1. How to treat sun damaged skin

Sun Damage Prevention

First and foremost, sun protection is a must not only during summer but all year round. Before you spend time in the sun, apply a UV broad spectrum sunscreen to prevent harmful sun damage and reapply every two hours. Also be vigilant with your application to ensure all areas of exposed skin are covered to try prevent sun damaged skin down the line.

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`Sunburn Treatment

Even when you’ve done your best to protect yourself against sun damage, sunburn can still sometimes occur. Initially, try a cold shower followed by an application of an after-sun care product containing an anti-oxidant to soothe and hydrate your skin. You can even store your after-sun spray product in the fridge so it’s cool on when applied. In the days afterwards, avoid scratching or peeling to the sun damaged skin as this can cause scarring. Keep up your after-sun care product application and water intake – and steer clear of products like anti-ageing creams that may further inflame the skin.

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2. How to fix dull, tight post-holiday skin

When you’re rested and relaxed on vacation, your skin may look positively glowing. However once you’re back in the real world, your complexion can quickly take a nosedive. Humid conditions, swimming and sun exposure are the main culprits for leaving your post-holiday skin tight, dull and dehydrated. After your holiday, layer on a refreshing moisturiser to encourage your skin to replenish itself.

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3. How to clear the pesky travel acne

The skin’s oil and sweat production mechanisms are in overdrive when you’re spending time in the sun. On top of that, when sunscreen and sand are layered onto the surface of the skin the pores can become blocked, which means pimples are more likely to emerge. During the holidays, take care to cleanse thoroughly to remove any potential build-up. Then, once you’re back at home you can address any pimples with a spot clearing product.

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Lacklustre locks

Swimming and summer holidays may go hand-in-hand, but it’s a nightmare for your hair. All that extra time spent underwater can strip your hair of natural oils, which is what gives it that lustrous shine. On top of that, your hair is often subjected to loads more special occasion heat styling at this time of year, which only exacerbates the dehydration. Try switching to a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to encourage hydration. You may also like to apply a weekly conditioning mask to renew shape and shine.

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Insect bites

There’s one souvenir no one wants from their holiday: bug bites! Pesky mosquito bites or other minor bug bites may cause skin redness and even a small welt which can be uncomfortable and sometimes itchy. Prevent bug bites in the first place by applying a topical repellent, particularly at dusk when bugs are about. If a bite has occurred, you can talk to your pharmacist about using a gel based formula to treat and soothe the affected area. And remember, if you’re concerned about an insect bite or are unsure about what may have bitten you then seek urgent medical attention.

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Dry hands, feet and brittle nails

Physical activities like swimming, climbing and hiking often require us to use our bare hands and feet. While it’s fun at the time, by the end of summer these areas of the body may have borne the brunt of all your adventures. To get your hands and feet back on track, treat yourself to a DIY mani-pedi. Use a gentle scrub to remove any dry or peeling skin, shape the nails with an emery board and finish with a nourishing hand cream and foot balm.

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Chafing is an uncomfortable skin rash that many people silently suffer from – particularly over summer. You can thank the sweat-inducing conditions for causing chafing to areas like the thighs, buttocks and groin area. The common skin problem occurs due to friction between moisture (usually sweat) on the skin and fabric, which makes the skin sting and eventually develops into a mild red rash. Chafing is preventable by keeping any chafe-prone area clean and dry and changing out of anything that’s likely to cause irritation. If chafing has set in, apply a barrier lotion to the area and air it out as much as possible.

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> Not to be applied to infants under 12 months of age unless on doctor’s advice.

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